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Directly from the brilliant website:

0-3 Month Milestones

Motor Milestones
   •    While lying on tummy, pushes up on arms
   •    While lying on tummy, lifts and holds head up
   •    Able to move fists from closed to open
   •    Able to bring hands to mouth
   •    Moves legs and arms off of surface when excited
Sensory Milestones
   •    While lying on back, attempts to reach for a toy held above their chest
   •    While lying on back, visually tracks a moving toy from side to side
   •    While lying on back, keeps head centered to watch faces or toys
   •    Able to calm with rocking, touching, and gentle sounds
   •    Enjoys a variety of movements
Communication Milestones
   •    Quiets or smiles in response to sound or voice
   •    Turns head towards sound or voice
   •    Shows interest in faces
   •    Makes eye contact
   •    Cries differently for different needs (e.g. hungry vs. tired)
   •    Coos and smiles
Feeding Milestones
   •    Latches onto nipple or bottle
   •    Tongue moves forward and back to suck
   •    Drinks 2 oz. to 6 oz. of liquid per feeding, 6 times per day
   •    Sucks and swallows well during feeding

4-6 Month Milestones

Motor Milestones
   •    Uses hands to support self while sitting
   •    Rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back
   •    While standing with support, accepts entire weight with legs
   •    Reaches for nearby toys while on tummy
   •    While lying on back, reaches both hands to play with feet
   •    While lying on back, transfers a toy from one hand to the other
Sensory Milestones
   •    Uses both hands to explore toys
   •    Generally happy when not hungry or tired
   •    Brings hands and objects to mouth
   •    Able to calm with rocking, touching, and gentle sounds
   •    Is not upset by everyday sounds
   •    Enjoys a variety of movements
Communication Milestones
   •    Reacts to sudden noises or sounds
   •    Listens and responds when spoken to
   •    Begins to use consonant sounds in babbling, e.g. “da, da, da”
   •    Makes different kinds of sounds to express feelings
   •    Notices toys that make sounds
   •    Uses babbling to get attention
Feeding Milestones
   •    Shows interest in food
   •    Opens mouth as spoon approaches
   •    Moves pureed food from front of mouth to back
   •    Begins to eat cereals and pureed foods – Smooth, pureed food (single ingredient only), 

        like carrots, sweet potato, squash, apples, pears

7-9 Month Milestones

Motor Milestones
   •    Sits without support
   •    Sits and reaches for toys without falling
   •    Moves from tummy or back into sitting
   •    Starts to move with alternate leg and arm movement e.g. creeping, crawling
   •    Picks up head and pushes through elbows during Tummy Time
   •    Turns head to visually track objects while sitting
   •    Shows more control while rolling and sitting
   •    Picks up small objects with thumbs and fingers
   •    In simple play imitates others
Sensory Milestones
   •    Enjoys a variety of movements – bouncing up and down, rocking back and forth
   •    Explores and examines an object using both hands and mouth
   •    Turns several pages of a chunky (board) book at once
   •    Experiments with the amount of force needed to pick up different objects
   •    Focuses on objects near and far
   •    Investigates shapes, sizes, and textures of toys and surroundings
   •    Observes environment from a variety of positions – while lying on back or tummy, sitting,

        crawling, and standing with assistance
Communication Milestones
   •    Uses increased variety of sounds and syllable combinations in babbling
   •    Looks at familiar objects and people when named
   •    Recognizes sound of their name
   •    Participates in two-way communication
   •    Follows some routine commands when paired with gestures
   •    Shows recognition of commonly used words
   •    Simple gestures, e.g. shaking head for “no”
   •    Imitates sounds
Feeding Milestones
   •    In a highchair, holds and drinks from a bottle
   •    Begins to eat thicker pureed and mashed table foods
   •    Enjoys chew toys that can massage sore and swollen gums during teething
   •    Stays full longer after eating
   •    Starts to look and reach for objects, such as, food that is nearby
   •    Shows strong reaction to new smells and tastes

10-12 Month Milestones

Motor Milestones
   •    Pulls to stand and cruises along furniture
   •    Stands alone and takes several independent steps
   •    Moves in and out of various positions to explore environment and get desired toys
   •    Maintains balance in sitting when throwing objects
   •    Claps hands
   •    Releases objects into a container with a large opening
   •    Uses thumb and pointer finger to pick up tiny objects
Sensory Milestones
   •    Enjoys listening to songs
   •    Explores toys with fingers and mouth
   •    Crawls to or away from objects baby sees in the distance
Communication Milestones
   •    Meaningfully uses “mama” or “dada”
   •    Responds to simple directions, e.g. “Come here”
   •    Produces long strings of gibberish (jargoning) in social communication
   •    Says one or two words
   •    Imitates speech sounds
   •    Babbling has sounds and rhythms of speech
   •    Pays attention to where you are looking and pointing
   •    Responds to “no”
   •    Begins using hand movements to communicate wants and needs, e.g. reaches to be

        picked up
Feeding Milestones
   •    Finger feeds self
   •    Eating an increasing variety of food
   •    Begins to use an open cup
   •    Ready to try soft-cooked vegetables, soft fruits, and finger foods (banana slices, cooked

   •    Might be ready to start self feeding with utensils
   •    Enjoys a greater variety of smells and tastes

13-18 Month Milestones

Motor Milestones
   •    Walks independently
   •    Squats to pick up a toy
   •    Stacks two objects
Sensory Milestones
   •    Helps with getting dressed/undressed
   •    Has a regular sleep schedule
   •    Eats an increasing variety of foods
Communication Milestones
  By 15 months:
   •    May use 5-10 words
   •    Combines sounds and gestures
   •    Imitates simple words and actions
   •    Consistently follows simple directions
   •    Shows interest in pictures
   •    Can identify 1-2 body parts when named
   •    Understands 50 words
  By 18 months:
   •    Responds to questions
   •    Repeats words overheard in conversation
   •    Continues to produce speech-like babbling
   •    Points at familiar objects and people in pictures
   •    Understands “in” and “on”
   •    Responds to yes/no questions with head shake/nod
Feeding Milestones
   •    Increases variety of coarsely chopped table foods
   •    Holds and drinks from a cup

19-24 Month Milestones

Communication Milestones
By 21 Months:
   •    Uses at least 50 words
   •    Consistently imitates new words
   •    Names objects and pictures
   •    Understands simple pronouns (me, you, my)
   •    Identifies 3-5 body parts when named
   •    Understands new words quickly
By 24 months:
   •    Begins to use 2 word phrases
   •    Uses simple pronouns (me, you, my)
   •    Understands action words
   •    Uses gestures and words during pretend play
   •    Follows 2-step related directions e.g. “Pick up your coat and bring it to me”
   •    Enjoys listening to stories


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