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What needs


“The future depends on what you do today.”

After stumbling face-first into the reality of a cerebral palsy diagnosis, with all of the anxiety, uncertainty and fear, it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed, immediately beaten. The strength needed to carry this weight and to conquer the challenges of cerebral palsy often seem superhuman. But they really aren’t.

The most important thing to do is to act early and decisively. Never allow anyone to say…’Let’s wait and see’… especially in the beginning.

Only three things are needed in this lifelong battle with CP: dedication, determination and information. 1) Dedicate yourself to never becoming complacent in how you approach this vicious condition. 2) Be determined to do everything possible to stay ahead of the condition. 3) Always stay informed.

When it comes down to it, there is really nothing tricky about what needs to be done in this battle with CP. The goal should be driven by one simple mission: stay ahead of the condition. Help your child as he grows. Always try to push that much harder than you did yesterday, and constantly believe in the effort. It will most certainly lead to your child’s better ability.

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