Julian was born 3 months prematurely. He has cerebral palsy. The condition mainly affects his left leg, but it radiates to much of his left side. He has what is called spastic diplegia. His muscles are always tight.

Because Julian’s left leg is severely affected, the immediate and most obvious problem he has is an inability to balance. He used to walk with a limp and flexed knee. Also on tiptoe! To maintain balance he still hunches forward to counterbalance his leg’s limitations.

Since he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one, Julian has had physiotherapy sessions twice a day (occasionally 3 times a day). These sessions include balancing and stretching, as well as muscle building and body control exercises. Most of his sessions are very challenging for him. Some are painful.


He also has weekly osteopathy sessions which have helped him improve substantially. His osteopathy treatment has been indispensable. It has helped where physiotherapy is lacking.

For a year now Julian has also been wearing a Functional

Electrical Stimulation device--FES. It has helped

incredibly and worked wonders with his dorsiflexion and gait.

Check it out at Odstock Medical.

Over the past two years Julian has grown almost 15cm which make his work outs even more difficult. And only over the past several months has he accepted more openly to do his exercises. He has reached a greater maturity now and he finally understands that if he doesn’t carrying on with his intense regime of physical exertion he will need a wheelchair.

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April 2014

Working on the website I came across the following video of Julian. It was in April of 2014, just 3 and a half years ago. I've watched it thousands of times now, because I can not believe this is our little Julian. How hard he has worked...how far he has come. He has worked so hard for so many years. No words could ever describe the admiration I have for him...

November 2017

...and this is him just four years later! Amazement and admiration for this kid would be putting it mildly...