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Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive condition. Non-progressive means that it does not get worse over time. Taking the definition of non-progressive at face value is a dangerous thing however. Just because CP is non-progressive does not mean that it should not be dealt with aggressively and constantly from the very beginning.


What needs doing?

As the body changes and the person grows, so too does cerebral palsy. If not kept in check, cerebral palsy can suffocate future ability...

Should your child have experienced any of the risk factors below and hasn’t reached milestones, and is also showing early signs of the symptoms of CP, you should contact your paediatric specialist and INSIST they address the possibility of CP immediately.
Risk factors

Risk factors are the possible causes of a medical condition.


Milestones are age range indications of specific physical, cognitive, language and fine motor skills that a child should achieve by a certain age.


Symptoms are the indications that that condition may exist.


Treatment for cerebral palsy

Since the beginning, we begged every medical professional to give us any information they could to help us help our son.


They told us to wait and see. In the meantime offered us nothing but: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy.

After years of research and struggle we realised how much better Julian might have been, had they given us more information from the start.

To remedy this for others I have compiled a list every possible treatment for Cerebral Palsy. The treatments are divided into three groups...

Non-Invasive treatments

All CP treatments that are either in direct contact with skin, such as tape or garments, as well as all activities and interaction with the environment that are useful in core strength building and being active.

Physical treatments

This section deals with all treatments that require physicality and/or controlled exercise/training. It also includes all treatments that deal with body manipulation. 

Transcutaneous or Invasive treatments

CP treatments that pass beyond the skin and directly affect the body internally. Everything from oxygen to acupuncture or surgery for example.

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